A Guide on Web-Based Training Courses

29 Aug

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was the first to accept the use of the internet and computer programs that conduct safety training online in 1990. 

Through a series of interpretation letters, OSHA acknowledges that online training courses can be used effectively as part of health and safety training program provided that they not only meet OSHA training requirements but also gives a chance to the trainees to gain hands-on experience. The main key points from OSHA interpretation letters are detailed below. Although these letters explain Hazwoper rules, they are without a doubt critical in helping one to recognize OSHA core position with regards to online safety training and acts as a factor when you are studying commercial products.

The first main point taken from OSHA interpretation letters is that the obligation of ensuring that workers receive proper training that will assist them in carrying out their duties lies mainly with the boss and not the training provider.

The second main point is that OSHA permits for companies to use online programs to help them in achieving the minimum set requirements of the course content material during training.

Thirdly, OSHA requires that the employee gets an opportunity to ask the trainer questions with regards to the key areas or content that they do not comprehend from the online safety course. For this to occur efficiently, the instructor is required to give the employee their telephone or email address which they can use to contact them if they do not understand any part of their online safety course.

The last key point is that internet-based training should meet the minimum duration of time that is stipulated in the OSHA requirements and that the trainee is provided with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Many companies, organizations and commercial groups have introduced many courses that cover all the legally authorized OSHA training as well as building on performance-based practices that govern online safety training since OSHA was introduced in the early 1990s. Know more about safety training at http://edition.cnn.com/2012/05/07/travel/costa-cruises-safety-measures/index.html.

OSHA has widely accepted some online safety training programs at https://safetyskills.com/ developed by different organizations as a part of their voluntary Outreach Training Program.  Several features are vital in creating online training. These web-based safety training features include:

o    The testing and reporting of test scores for each particular topic and the final test

o    The withdrawal of anyone who gets less than 70% after three trials on any subject

o     Obligatory page reviews of each page

o     Easy instructor availability built into the system

o     Printable web resources for every topic

o    The unit should be involving 

Over and above the various commercially accessible web-based training sites, a lot of online osha safety training courses can easily be made available as a part of a company-wide Learning Management System (LMS).

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